Long Distance Moving Services

If you are moving from one province to the next, we can help your goods arrive at its destination safely and on time!  A successful long-distance move depends on correct management and logistics practices.

Zebra Movers has a professional long-distance moving department where we assign our best movers in Canada to manage your move. Speak to us if you are looking for professional moving companies that moving goods across Canada and North America.

If you need a quick or weekly haul of goods and cargo, we perform stops across Toronto and Ottawa and Toronto and Montreal every week.  Shipping items across a long distance requires specialized mover. At Zebra Movers, we understand the logistics, packaging, and the procedures involved in traveling over a considerable distance.

Please consult with our representatives for a detailed quotation.

Storage Solutions

Short-term storage for a long-distance move includes placement at our warehouses to safeguard goods while in transit.

We Work Collaboratively with our Customers

We will collaborate with you to determine your precise moving requirements.
Our movers will assist with packing, placement on our specialized moving trucks, and the safe offload of goods once we have reached the destination.

Long Distance Moving You Can Depend On

We ensure that your furniture, goods, and cargo remain safely on board when providing long-distance service. It is important that the appropriate measures are delivered when tending to your move.

This can protect against unnecessary losses, damages, and delays in transportation. We are among the few moving companies that invest in every stage of the moving process across Canada.

Contact us for a long-distance move where we keep you updated every step of the way. As leading movers in Canada and other areas across the country, you can rely on our team for effective distance moving services.